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Downtown Columbia, South Carolina

Main Street in downtown Columbia, South Carolina.

Not a bad state. Other than the drivers on the road you can deal with majority of things here. There are some activities to attend to on a regular basis and anything you need will be around the general area.

Columbia is the state capitol and the largest city in the state of South Carolina. The population is just under 130,000. The city is located centrally in the state, in a region called the Midlands. The city is the home of the University of South Carolina, and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Columbia, SC is a growing metropolis with many sights and things to keep tourists and residents alike very busy. There are concentrations on art, state history, sport, eating and many other areas of human interest.

Columbia proper is the capital city of South Carolina which has a historic background that is often trumped by Charleston and as such looses out on much tourism. That and it is blazing hot in the summer with no real comfort that is afforded nearer the coast or the mountains. The city itself is sprawled out with the heart of the city being dwarfed in growth numbers in comparison to the Northeast and West Columbia sections. Some estimate put the Northeast on track to contain the bulk of the Columbia population within the next 5 years. With Fort Jackson (one of the major US Army basic training locations) right on the city edge there is no shortage of traffic in this capital city. The population seems to be slightly less diverse than most areas with almost a 50/50 split of black and whites. Being located in the heart of the "Bible belt" Columbia has no shortage of houses of worship. With the original USC in the center of the city there is an active college presence and with that many notable bars and restaurants... most notably or rather some local favorites are Pawley's Front Porch, the Wig, Flying Saucer, and Hunter Gatherer. The Columbia Zoo from all accounts will not disappoint and draws individuals from all over the state every year.

I live in the Capital of South Carolina. Many people do not realize that Columbia College, an all women's school located within the city, has the lowest crime rate of any college campus in the country. The slogan of my city is "Famously Hot". Columbia is located at almost the dead-center of the state.

The name of my city is Columbia, South Carolina. Its a beautiful place that reminds me that conflict and beauty go hand in hand. Columbia is a place that has a diverse history and it plays into its modern day routine. As an African American you cannot help but keep in the back of your mind the racial struggles this city has endured and also overcome. I am reminded of how freedom cam at a cost every time i pass our state house. I am also reminded of how a place with such a history can still be a bright place to learn, grow, and help others grow. I attended our city's university, US C and it was a school that changed my life by giving me the fundamentals necessary to have a successful career.

Columbia's Richland Two school district is growing thanks to Fort Jackson. Schools are being built to provide area student's with facilities that nuture the modern education style rooted in technology and progressive thinking that is a result of the updated tools and facilities. Columbia is a fantastic place for U.S. military personnel to relocate to in order to provide a positive experience for children of both special needs and gifted abilities.

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. It is the home of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. The State House in Columbia is controversial due to its display of the Confederate flag.

There is a sort of "city under the city" in Columbia. One of the historic party spots of the city is actually located underneath main street. This huge basement, once contained a large number of restaurants and bars. Thought it has long since been closed down, and the access points locked up, you can still see the access points off main street.

Columbia is the state capital. It is the home of the University of South Carolina, Benedict college, Allen University, and Columbia college. The city motto is "Famously Hot". The entertainment centers are the Vista and Five points. The city has a convention center. It was the first defensively planned city in the USA.

Columbia is the largest city and capital of South Carolina. Columbia was not the original capital of the state. The capital was formerly in Charleston. A lot of Columbia burned during the Civil War during Sherman's march. There are bronze stars on the outside of the capital building where the building was struck by cannon balls. Columbia has a little under 130,000 people who live here.

Columbia, SC was occupied and burned by General Sherman towards the end of the Civil War. The state house, located in the heart of the city, still has impact craters from cannonballs shot during the city's original bombardment. The city itself is growing into a hip, urban environment with many new housing and business developments that has been focused into re-nourishing the Main Street area. The city is also what is commonly referred to as a 'college town.' The hustle and bustle of everyday life comes to a standstill when the school's sports teams have a game. Crime and Gang activity also used to be a huge problem up until just a few short years ago. It was only after an FBI taskforce came and set up in the rough, crime-ridden area that the activity started to cease. Now, Columbia is thriving, as some of these old run down areas have been torn down to pave way for new construction. I would also like to say what a fabulous city Columbia is if you like to drink. Almost every single bar and restaurant has cheap prices (outside of happy hour) on drinks that is unlike other cities you might find.

Columbia ain't no New York, but it is very "alive" and i love it. There isn't too much traffic like in other big cities. Columbia, South Carolina is the perfect place to live in peace.

Interesting facts about was created to be the state capital in 1789. There was no town here only the plantation of Col. Thomas Taylor. It is in the geographic center of the state to enable easy access from both the Upcountry and the Lowcountry. Most South Carolinians consider it the hottest place in the state.

Columbia is home to the University of South Carolina, that has one of the most highly acclaimed business schools in the country. Columbia is home to many culture events in "The Vista". The Vista is a beautiful and historic area not far from the Congaree River. It contains many restaurants, music venues, and other attractions. There are also places in Downtown, such as: The State House, Columbia Museum of Art, the South Carolina State Museum and Nickelodeon Theatre. It's a great place to live or visit!

Columbia, SC has some of the best locally owned and operated store in The Five Points area. And don't get me started on the dining. We have some of the best BBQ in the state at a place called Palmetto Pig. It is a great place to go after a South Carolina Gamecock baseball game. And the best place to get a tattoo in the Five Points area is Body Rites Tattoo. They have great artists and the shop is very clean and organized. If you are looking for night life the Five Points area as well as the Vista is the place to go. Keep in mind that this area is located in the center of the University of South Carolina so you will be surrounded by college students. If you are looking for a great zoo, Riverbanks Zoo is the best place to see a wide variety of animals and great areas for active children to play and climb.

Columbia is a moderately sized city in the middle of South Carolina. It is home to the state capital, and most notably the University of South Carolina (USC). Although it doesn't have quite the sheer number of amenities, restaurants, or other businesses that many other larger cities might have, there is still plenty to do and see for people of all ages.

Even though Columbia seems like a really boring city, the skyline is beautiful when you're coming in over the river. The city has a fantastic music scene for being in the deep south, and the people there are great. The University of South Carolina campus is integrated beautifully into the city, and it's actually a very green campus with lots of trees and bushes.

Columbia, South Carolina is known for being famously hot. This is our new, adopted slogan with a huge promotion. Columbia is the stomping grounds for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, which is home to the 2010 SEC East Champions in football and the Back to Back 2010/2011 College World Series Baseball Champions. Columbia thrives with many national and international businesses and great nightlife venues.

Columbia, SC is a city of approximately 130,000 located in the central part of South Carolina. Columbia is known for the University of South Carolina, home of the 2-time defending NCAA baseball champions, and the Darla Moore school of business. The Columbia nightlife consists of college football games in the fall, dining and socializing in the Vista, and seeing movies. Columbia has a large retail sector, and multiple IT firms with openings for technically skilled people. The Broad River is available for tubing on the weekends, and the riverwalk in West Columbia is great for outdoor concerts.

Columbia is home to the oldest college in South Carolina, the University of South Carolina, which was established in 1801. It is the largest city in the state and the state capital. The capital was in Charleston, SC originally and was moved to Columbia in 1786. There is an Army base in Columbia, Ft. Jackson, which is one the depots where the United States Army trains new recruits. Most of the city of Columbia was burned down in 1865 during the Civil War while it was occupied by General Sherman. The largest zoo in South Carolina is in Columbia. It is called Riverbanks Zoo because it lies where the Broad, Santee and Congaree Rivers meet. Columbia's downtown is a mix of old and new buildings and is known for its beauty. Actresses Kristin Davis and Mary-Louise Parker are from Columbia. Kristin Davis's father is a Psychology professor at USC and still lives in Columbia!

The city of Columbia is the capitol of the state of South Carolina. Beautiful parks, Gamecocks is the best football team. The USC college is GREAT. Everyone is pleasant most of the time.

Our city is growing, and we're really excited. We have an independent movie theater that's really great. We have a cupcake shop in the Vista area that has the best cupcakes anywhere. We have a lot of areas that are full of wealthy people and really poor people all mushed up together. People from one end of the city tend to be really close. We have good night life areas due to downtown being a college town.

Columbia has two 'downtown' areas: Five Points and the Vista. Five Points is where all the college students go, so there are a lot of bars, pizza joints, etc. The Vista is a little more classy and has upscale restaurants, hotels and bars. It's nice to walk around the Vista at night, I think that's the place where Columbia feels the most like a cosmopolitan city.

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