Coos Bay, Oregon

Coos Bay has a mild climate, being near the ocean, which is also a plus for recreational activities. The people are down to earth and friendly, but the economic climate is pretty rough. Lots of retirement people live here.

Coos Bay is on the Oregon Coast, with ocean beaches, sand dunes and camping parks all around for recreation. There are about 16,000 people in Coos Bay, with nearly that amount in the neighboring city of North Bend.

Coos Bay is in the beautiful Northwest. It's along the Oregon coast about 1/2 way down the coastline. It used to be the biggest timber port in the world until the recession of the 80's. It's harbor is only a few miles from the ocean! There is still some log or chip barges doing business, but nothing like it used to be. A large prime section of the waterfront was given to the local Indian tribe, and they have put up a casino. The main reason there is not more harbor business is that Portland, even thought it is many miles inland, has a developed port and facilities, and a good transportation system. Coos Bay has to rely on trucking, and there are no freeways from the coast to the main interstate- I5. There are a lot of retired people living here, but not a lot of jobs for the working class.

Coos Bay is located on the beautiful Oregon coast. The climate is mild year round, with the winter being rainy instead of snowy or icy. The people are low-keyed and friendly. The job opportunities are limited, as it is leaning towards being a retirement community. We love it here as the country is so beautiful.

Coos Bay lays on the mid central Oregon Coast. There is a lot of outdoor recreation- camping parks, dune buggy riding, there is a speedway just outside of town, horseback riding, and of course, beach combing all within just a few minutes. It has a beautiful walking park that runs the the joining town of North Bend, and a beautiful park near downtown, Coos Bay.

It's a lovely little bay town with the intimacy and comfort of a small town but with the cultural interests and activities of a larger town. The local college provides the background for some of this and there are numerous music and art events. Add the lushness of a coastal bay location, mild temperate climate, and a plethora of outdoor activities...well it's just the perfect combination. Coos Bay is the birthplace of Steve Prefontaine who graduated from Marshfield High School before attending the University of Oregon and participating in the Olympics before he died in a car accident.

Coos Bay is the site of the New Carissa shipwreck, which brought the city briefly to national attention. The city was originally named Marshfield. It is the third largest seaport north of San Fransisco.

Coos Bay is a small town, with approximately 15,000 people living in it, founded on logging. After the logging industry declined, it starting to cater to retired age persons. Currently, it is gradually starting to involve itself in the tourism business. Right on the Pacific Ocean and at the end of the Oregon Dunes. Famous for Steve Prefontaine. Featured on Rachael Ray's "40 Dollars a Day" television show (when it was still airing).

Coos Bay is a small city located on the Southern Oregon coast. It is beautiful. It was originally a logging town but due to clear cutting in the 80s, the timber industry has fizzled. Now the number one employer in the area is the hospital, number two is the casino. The area is surrounded by Oregon pine trees and multiple rivers. The locals love to fish in the ocean and rivers, go crabbing, and participate in all types of water sports.

This quaint little town is nestled between the beautiful Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean of the Oregon coast. Hidden from the common visitor who might just see a busy sea port and loud lumber mills is a town full of rich history, serenity and beauty just waiting for eyes to behold. From Gold prospecting to Harvesting timber with horses and riverboats to modern methods of today. For the outdoorsmen and women, just five minutes from town are roads and hiking trails that travel for miles through the peaceful and awe inspiring mountains of the Oregon coastal range. Full of lush green ferns and moss covered forest floors. There are also beautiful views of rolling landscapes as far as the eye can see from high mountain roads. Wild vegetation flourishes from the continuous rainfall that is abundant on the Oregon coastal range. Creating beautiful clear rivers and streams that flow into breathtaking waterfalls that seem to appear around every turn. It is without a doubt a place worth taking a little trip to and stay for awhile.

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