Greeley, Colorado

Greeley, Colorado

Its a farming town that consist of farm land and a meat processing plant. There is not much to do in this city. We have a mall however most shops have left. Its peaceful and quite.

Greeley is bordered on the south by the towns of Evans and Garden City, and the three together are often collectively (although incorrectly) referred to as "Greeley." The Greeley/Evans area is bounded on the south by the South Platte River, and the Cache la Poudre River flows through north Greeley. The intersection of U.S. Highways 85 and 34 is often cited as the location of Greeley, although the actual point of intersection lies within the city limits of Evans. Greeley contains the western terminus of State Highway 257 and borders State Highway 392 on the north. There are a lot of feed lots here, and a lot of agriculture.

Greeley was founded as a utopian community named Union Colony by a group headed by Nathaniel Meeker. Because of this early utopian planning, Greeley retains certain unique characteristics. One such quirk is the establishment of Garden City, a tiny settlement just outside of Greeley city limits. Since Union Colony strictly forbade the sale of alcohol, Garden City thrived by allowing drinking establishments to operate just outside of the Colony. This pattern continues to this day, with clusters of bars and clubs just outside of the city limits of Greeley, despite Greeley long since rescinding the ban on alcohol sales. Another interesting planning choice on the part of Union Colony's founders has translated into a subtle eccentricity about the older parts of Greeley. The original streets of Union Colony didn't have street signs. Rather, the streets were all named after trees and the appropriate trees were planted along each street. For example, Maple Ave would be lined with maple trees. Subsequently, the city changed its street name system simply because the drought-prone weather and harsh winters meant that many of the species of trees were too hard to keep alive. This also means that an observant pedestrian in the older parts of town can see unusually old specimens of nonnative trees growing along the sidewalk.

The elevation in the city of Greeley, Colorado is 4,658 feet. Companies based in Greeley are the meatpacker Swift & Company, the outsourcing company StarTek, and the contractor Hensel Phelps Construction. Greeley is located in Weld County is is the county seat.

Greeley, Colorado has an increasing Somali population, due to recruitment by the Monfort Meat Packing plant. They provide documentation and the work required to gain citizenship for these Somalians, in exchange for a job working at the local meat packing plant. The culture in Greeley really needed diversification, and the Somali's bring in a completely different culture then we are used to. Greeley, Colorado is home to the Monfort College of Business, which received the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, an award given to such companies as Ford, Boeing, and 3M.

Greeley is a fast growing town fueled by the college atmosphere created by UNC. There is no shortage of places to eat including authentic Mexican and mom and pop Italian eateries. A short drive from Fort Collins and Denver, Greeley has everything you need without being constantly surrounded by the other over crowded towns. Greeley is breaking the mold of being "Cow Town" Colorado.

It smells because of a chicken or turkey processing plant. It was featured in South Park as the opposite of Hawaii which is a pretty apt description. Have lived there for 6 months and it is actually a real nice place to live. Good neighborhoods where I am located. Lots of mom-and-pop restaurants which are really good.

This is primarily a farming town. It has a dense population of Hispanic people. There are not many things, entertainment wise to do in this town but it is close to Fort Collins, Loveland, and only about 60 miles from Denver, where one can enjoy a variety of entertainment. The employment rate appears to be lower in this area then in other parts of the state.

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