Trichy, India

i am living in the city named Trichy which is located center of the Tamilnadu, a well known state of India. Trichy had more traditional and important landmarks and history in India Rockfort temple, Cauvery river, Ordnance factory Trichy, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, National Institute of Technology , are the important landmarks of India. Trichy also had historical places. Kallanai which is a dam build by stone in 12th century. Trichy was the capital during the chozha emperor's period on 12th century.

My city is build with religious harmony (ie) various people belonging to various community live as one people. In my city there is Church, Temple, Mosque which were built in ancient past namely St. Joseph Church in Mainguardgate, Malaikotai, Samayapuram and Srirangam temple depicts ancient cultures and Nathar Sha Mosque in the heart of the city depict our religious cultures.

our city TRICHY is a leading educational and metro city. Our city have all features in advanced technology. That means one of the well developed city in India. Here so many industries and colleges. Schools, educational university and research institution, famous sports coaching clubs. Best recreation clubs, traveling facilities, good food and drinking water availability for 24 hours 7 days. So I am very proud about my living city. Also our city known as a temple city. Necause here so many famous temples area available.

The city of Trichy, India is also called Rockfort City. One of the famous river of southern India is crossing our city. One of the famous heavy boiler electric limited is in our city.

Trichy is one of the most beautiful cities in southern part of India situated in Tamil Nadu. It can be called the city of temples. It lies on the shore of the river Cauvrey. It beholds the most beautiful landmark the Rockfort on which there is a temple of Ganesha and on the other side of the river Cauvery lies the beautiful island town of Srirangam with the most famous Sri Ranganatha Temple. It is one of the most wanted tourist spots in India.

Trichy is one of the most beautiful cities in Tamil Nadu. It is commonly known as temple city. We have famous temples like Srirangam, Rockfort and also we have great college in Trichy like St. Joseph college many celebrities who studied in this college only eg. ABDUL KALAM.

Trichy city is in the banks of Cauvery River. Trichy city is situated in center place of Tamil Nadu which acts as a junction and connects most of the places in Tamil nadu. Trichy is famous for its temples and Churches situated in the city. The famous temple in Trichy are as follows:

2.Srirangam Temple
3.Samayapuram Temple

These temples are famous throughout south India. This city has transport which connects to all the main places of Tamil Nadu. Trichy is good for its educational system. There are good schools and colleges which are known throughout Tamil Nadu.

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