Waco, Texas

Waco, TX is a college town that is built around Baylor University. The majority of the population is quite poor, but nevertheless, the area is decent. There is a large mall and multiple restaurants that cater towards the college students. There are a few movie theaters, but entertainment is hard to come by. If it were not for the Baylor Bears, the area would be quite destitute.

It's a small - mid sized city located directly in the center of TX. It's about 90 minutes north of Austin and 90 minutes south of DFW. It's difficult to get around because the roads are not laid out in a north/south/east/west grid and there is only one interstate highway through it. Seasonal allergies are bad here because pollen from east and west TX blow through. The biggest draw for young people is Baylor University. There's a good bit of local color in the city, but not a lot of "culture" (ethnic foods, shows, etc.). However, it's close enough to Dallas / Austin that most people just go there for entertainment. Cost of living is very cheap except apartments near Baylor, which get more expensive the closer they are.

Waco, Texas is a smaller-sized big city. It's both a college town as well as very well populated by younger families and the elderly. Not many people in their mid 20s to early 30s live here; however, there are many in the "new" family age range. It's home to Baylor University as well as a community college and a technical school. Waco is termed as the "heart of Texas" as it is located where the "heart" would be located physically in the state of Texas. Waco has a lot to offer young families as well as retirees. It has several great schools as well as country clubs and golf courses. The annual Cotton Palace celebration and corination is held in Waco each year and pays tribute to the old days when cotton was one of the prime sources of income for many Wacoans and was very heavily grown here.

Waco Texas is the city where the Branch Dividian happened. It is also has other things about it that people don't know. In the Redmond Museum there is a painting done by Adolf Hitler. Over half the worlds starbust are made here in Waco. It is the birth place of Dr. Pepper.

Waco is home to such landmarks as the Dr. Pepper Museum, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. Waco is located off the Brazos River and uses the Suspension Bridge to travel across the river. It is also home to the 2012 Heisman Winner.

Waco, Texas, is equidistant from Dallas (to the north) and Austin (to the south). Its most attractive feature is the calm Brazos River that runs along the northeast section of the city. Waco is experiencing a long-term rebuilding project, trying to reverse the physical and economical effects of a May 11, 1953, tornado that hit downtown, killing 114 people. It is currently considered the 11th most deadly tornado in the United States.

Waco, Texas is located in central Texas and is the seat of McClennon County. Though Baylor University (student enrollment of over 12,000) is located here, Waco, Texas is not your usual college town. In 1953 there was a devastating tornado and it seems the town never fully recovered. Though there is a resurgence of small businesses and young life attempting to rebuild the downtown area, the main attraction to Waco is it's central location between Austin and Dallas, Texas. There are several odd places to visit in Waco. The Dr. Pepper museum, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, Site of the Branch Davidian Waco Seige, and Baylor University are a few. Waco sits on the Brazos River which is great for boating and fishing. Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy adventures through the wild trails in Cameron Park.

Dr. pepper was invented in Waco. In fact, you can still visit the Dr. Pepper museum in downtown Waco today. Waco is also home to the Baylor Bears. Baylor University is a Baptist University with over 15,000 students. Robert Griffin III, 2012 Heisman winner and 2nd overall pick in the NFL draft is a Baylor alumni. The Texas sports hall of fame is also located in Waco. Waco also has some unique eateries including Georges Bar featuring "big Os"... "georges, where everyone knows your beer!"

Waco (founded in 1865) is home of Baylor University. The womens basketball team has one the National championship the past two years. The Brazos River flows right along the university and downtown. Downtown Waco consists of the Hippodrome, Convention Center, Hilton, and many many bars. Downtown Waco could be a very happening place if certain factors would occur, but thats neither here nor there. The Cameron Park is by far the thing to see if you have come to town. The scenic views from Lovers Leap with drops of about 100 feet. The ledges used to be wide open space when I was younger. Cameron Park is home to the #1 disc golf course as of 2 years ago. I personally have played it and it does have a uniqueness too it. The biking trails throughout the park ive heard are pretty spectacular. Waco is known for Branch Davidian but thats actually 30 miles out side of Waco in Mt. Carmel, Texas get it right. =)

Waco, Texas is a wonderful town with many attractions to enjoy. We have a wonderful zoo named Cameron Park Zoo that features many different animals and a relaxing atmosphere. We are home to the Baylor Bears, which has a beautiful campus, and many places to eat out at. Our two shopping malls feature many stores to browse through and a wonderful time to enjoy with friends.

Waco is located in the heart of Texas in between Dallas and Austin. It is home to 3 colleges: TSTC, Baylor, and MCC. Every year we host the 2nd best state fair in Texas called the Heart of Texas fair. It is also home to the horrible Waco Massacre which involved the David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. Also there is a Mammoth site where Mammoth remains was discovered in 1978.

Waco is a city full of history. It is the birth place of Dr. Pepper and is the home of Baylor University. Waco is also the home of "Church Under the Bridge" which is located under the Interstate 35 overpass at 4th Street. Waco is located almost exactly in between Dallas and Austin. This makes day trips easy to accomplish. Waco is also associated with the siege of the Branch Davidian compound led by David Koresh. It is little known that the compound was actually located in Elk, Texas which is a few miles out of town.

Waco has the oldest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi. It also has the second largest city park in the nation, complete with a zoo. It is home to Baylor University, the largest private Baptist university in the world. Waco is home to a recently gentrified downtown area as well, with lots of good restaurants.

Waco, Texas is a well known town for all the wrong reasons, but it actually has hidden gems all over that make it a pleasant and worthwhile place to visit and to live. While most of Waco's restaurants are run-of-the-mill plain Jane chains, there are a few that are worth the trip. Kitok's, a Korean restaurant downtown, in addition to it's excellent Oriental cuisine, also boasts some of the town's best hamburgers. With an unassuming exterior, the inside warms the heart and stomach with delicious smells and taste to match. Outside, the Bosque River bisects the town East to West and provides entertainment both on the river and adjacent lake and around it on the nature hike and bike trails. Take a kayak up towards McLennan Community College and explore the offshoots and tributaries on the Bosque, and you might find some beautiful critters and creatures. Take your mountain bike to Cameron Park and burst through one of the best trails in Texas if not the United States. Of course, before you leave, you need to check out Waco's main attractions, which include Baylor University and the Dr. Pepper Museum. Come spring or autumn to avoid the heat, and enjoy what Waco has to offer.

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